Intervention Redefined

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Experience the technology platform redefining the future of well intervention. The open architecture enables seamless integration of data and tools, transforming task range and performance. This is the new standard for e-line intervention solutions.

Prime Compact Series

A new dimension…

Compact task efficiency, capability and certainty
  • Limited rig up access
  • 40% shorter
  • Feed through for sensors

Prime Precision

Completion Manipulation

  • Locate, position and engage:
    Be exactly where you need to be.
  • Precision application and adjustment of stroke/force:
    Doing precisely what you need to do, to mm resolution.
  • Measurement and verification:
    Demand certainty, whatever the conditions.

Component Milling

  • Position and activate rotation:
    Engage precisely on your target.
  • Real-time control of weight on bit/torque/rpm:
    Continually adapting to the geometry of the component.
  • In-well agility and verification:
    Analyse, understand, adjust and complete the task.

Wellbore Cleanout

  • Versatile debris dislodge and collection:
    Seamless control of milling and reaming.  
  • Modular toolstring configuration:
    High volume removal per run.
  • In well chamber full verification:
    Efficient task management with fewer runs.

Prime Protection

Delivering carbon efficient well interventions

We are committed to developing innovative technology to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. PRIME is lighter on logistics, equipment and energy, reducing time on the rig and time in the well.